Why Marketing Matters More Than Ever In Uncertain Times
It’s no secret traditional media in Australia was an industry already impacted by the growth of digital. While it’s understandable the spend of global companies follows this downward trend, marketing is actually more important than ever during times of downturn and recovery, especially for businesses that operate at a local, regional or national level.
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Head to Head: Traditional vs. Digital Media
Long gone are the days when audiences could be found in one place; a time when you could reach 95% of the population through free-to-air TV alone, when reach and frequency were the only media metrics to measure success.
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Understanding PR In The Digital Age
So you've heard the term 'Public Relations', but are you still confused about what it really means? In the digital age, what you need to know is how you can harness the power of PR to make your business stand out from the crowd. Check out our breakdown of traditional vs digital PR to determine your next strategy.
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3 Digital Marketing Trends Taking Over 2020
It's no secret that marketing is an industry powered by constant change. But if you compare the marketing landscape of today to that of even five years ago, the differences in methodology and most effective channels can be astonishing.
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The Best Social Media Hacks
There are a range of great apps and software tools available that enable you to produce great content without compromising on quality. Here, we unpack some of the best apps and tools available to ensure you’re on track to become a social media maestro...
The Importance of Creative
In a world of data-driven results and performance-based advertising campaigns, success often hinges on media strategy while creative is overlooked. In this article we explain why creative plays a critical role in your campaign’s success and why you need to start to paying attention to it...