Brand Immersion, Information Gathering & Campaign Planning.

Size doesn’t matter; it’s crucial to start every project on the right foot. From the first consultation, we focus on understanding your business and the stakeholders at play by nurturing a face-to-face relationship. Through our brand immersion sessions, we’ll evaluate your business objectives in relation to current market dynamics and zero in on exactly what your target audience values.

It’s essential to first answer the big ‘Why?’ in the story of your business and what you hope to achieve. It’s only then we can effectively plan ‘How’ to reach your audience. Whether that approach is  brand, communications or research based —we’ll plot a map to your success.

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Brand Strategy

Brand is at the core of everything you do; from the tangible elements that the customers sees and feels right through to the values, culture and purpose of your organisation. That’s why its important to have a clear framework to steer your brand. By developing a well defined brand strategy you are putting your business on the right path to effectively understand and meet your consumer’s needs, emotions and the competitive environment.

Brand Proposition & Positioning

Positioning is not about finding what the market wants you to be, but about finding out what you are to the market and owning that space. A clear proposition outlines the needs you answer for your customers, on both an emotional and functional level. It will help you to steer your communications, to understand your competitive advantage and it should be compelling and justifiable.

Marketing & Communications Plans

Your Marketing Plan is the roadmap for introducing and delivering your product or service to prospective customers. Perfect for businesses who need to outsource their marketing efforts, here we start from the beginning. Waples will help to determine elements such your objectives, mission statements, target market, SWOT analysis and competitive understanding.

A Communications Plan is an effective way of mapping out how you will communicate your product or service to the market. Here we get specific around communication objectives, key messages, target audience, communication challenges/opportunities, strategies and tactics.

Research & Focus Groups

Analysing the market place is the first step to identifying what consumers want. Research gives a realistic picture of your company’s issues and can unveil missed opportunities. It is another way of helping you feel confident in your decision making. Waples can assist with surveys, focus groups, community engagement, interviews and workshops.