Wollongong Central is a key shopping and food destination in the heart of the city’s CBD. Investment in development over recent years has seen the centre evolve into the epicentre of fashion, beauty, food and nightlife for the Wollongong region.


Waples was tasked with developing a campaign concept that encapsulated all thats great about the Wollongong Central offering.

The concept needed to:

  • Resonate across various target market groups
  • Sum up the diverse offering of the centre
  • Required to translate across channels
  • Highlight Wollongong Central’s integral role in the City centre


Waples developed a campaign theme with the intent of being used as a catch-cry for the centre. It aims to celebrate the lifestyle of the Illawarra and position Wollongong Central as the concentrated essence of everything that is great about the region.

The campaign line ‘The Centre of it all’ was developed and from here a brand song was composed. Brand songs are a great way to express the essence of a brand’s positioning and to tell the brand story, without the cliches or dated feel of a jingle.

Visually, the concept was all about capturing scenes from all over the Illawarra in recognisable local locations. Guidance was taken from the song’s lyrics (‘sun and the sea’, ‘you and me’), along with a mix food, fashion, beauty and nightlife.


Production – the TVC commercials were produced and directed by Relativity and GPT using Waples concept boards and brand song.

Waples currently manages the campaign media buy which uses a mix of traditional and digital channels. The campaign is currently in progress and is performing well.

The brand song is currently used across multiple channels including programmatic audio, radio, TV and in-centre.