On 13 December 2018, Warrawong Plaza opened the doors to its new casual dining precinct, ‘The Place’. This much-anticipated new development was the third in a number of refurbishments to the shopping centre including a revitalised Fresh Food Precinct and upgraded Hoyts Relax and Recline cinema.

The Place boasts six new restaurants with alfresco seating, including Rashays, Hong Kong Palace Yum Cha and Another Burger Joint. Waples was engaged by Warrawong Plaza to create a memorable campaign to excite the local community.


Waples was tasked with developing a campaign concept that invited the community to experience the fabulous new dining and leisure offering at Warrawong Plaza.

From the brief, it was necessary that the campaign concept:

  • Introduced the new offering in a creative and captivating way.
  • Resonated with a diverse target audience.
  • Invigorated and celebrated the local community.
  • Translated across a multitude of channels


Media Buying

Make no mistake, Australians love a DIY project! Whether it’s the proliferation of interior renovation shows dominating the small screen, or the popularity of a trip to Bunnings on the weekend, more of us are willing to brave a power tool to improve our abodes. Using the analogy of a friend coming over to check out a friend’s renovations, Waples developed the concept ‘Come and see what we have done with The Place’.

The goals of the campaign concept included:

  • Creating awareness of the renovation and ‘The Place’ among both new and existing shoppers at Warrawong Plaza.
  • Incentivising of new and existing customers to engage with ‘The Place’.
  • Nurturing a positive awareness and image of Warrawong Plaza – ‘I love what you’ve done with The Place’.

The campaign line, ‘Come and see what we have done with The Place’ translated across multiple mediums including: TVC, radio, print and, digital and events.

On a visual level, the concept was all about capturing vibrant snippets from the new precinct, including delicious food, cosy and contemporary interiors and gorgeous alfresco dining.


In the lead-up to the launch, Waples was responsible for executing the creative concept across all visual elements. The launch of ‘The Place’ on December 13 was successfully managed and activated by our sister company Bluejuice Events, from planning to event rundown and AV responsibilities.

On the back of a successful brand campaign, our relationship with Warrawong Plaza continues on a tactical level. Waples manages all traditional media buying for Warrawong Plaza, including a mix of radio and TV.