Ramsay Health Care isĀ  the largest operator of private hospitals in Australia. They currently operate 73 hospitals and day surgery units across the country, which includes 3 hospitals in the Illawarra: Wollongong Private Hospital, Figtree Private Hospital and Lawrence Hargrave.


Whilst each hospital facility in the Illawarra area is known individually, awareness of the Ramsay link amongst the community is not as well known. By operating all three facilities Ramsay Health Care provides a complete care service, enabling local patients to receive state of the art care without the need to leave the region. Waples was tasked with delivering this message by building the Ramsay brand in the Illawarra with a campaign that was going to deliver cut through.



An initial workshop was conducted to get to the core brand proposition. From hereĀ  creative insights were presented and the ‘Is it a Ramsay’ campaign was shaped to inform communications. A detailed media plan was developed aimed at building awareness through a reach and frequency strategy, utilising a mix of traditional and digital media channels. Waples’ creative team built a suite of assets to support TV, radio, transit and programmatic social and display.

Media Channel Mix

TV 70%
Display + social retargeting 10%
Search 10%
Outdoor - Bus Advertising 20%
Radio 15%


The campaign is currently in action, so we will report back soon with some results.