LYSAGHT LIVING® (formerly Lysaght Living Collection™) is a national supplier of Australian-made, steel-based home additions including patios, carports and gazebos.

Key insights from LYSAGHT LIVING®’s customer research had led the company to engage Waples on a milestone brand and positioning refresh. The research revealed an exciting new opportunity to appeal to female customers. But the current overall tone, look and feel spoke heavily to the technical side of home additions, rather than inspiring potential customers with the lifestyle benefits these structures can bring to our own backyards.


Rebrand projects can open up an exciting new world of opportunity for your brand. Right from the outset, this type of activity can bring a renewed optimism for all stakeholders and dynamic outcomes. But it’s important to focus this great energy by establishing a clear strategy with deliverable goals.

To explore new brand opportunities, our three-step plan included:

  1. The development of a new company name.
  2. Creating a brand-new visual identity across all touchpoints.
  3. Establishing clear positioning in the competitive home improvement market.


Waples ran a series of interviews with various LYSAGHT LIVING® stakeholders to gauge feedback and to encourage consensus on the brand should head. Based on the insights and feedback provided, Waples then developed a comprehensive creative brief and communications plan.

Changing the company’s name from Lysaght Living Collection™ to LYSAGHT LIVING® instantly gave the brand a modern and energetic update. It also aligned the brand’s logo closer to that of its parent brand LYSAGHT®, and the strong brand equity it has earned in the market.

A new brand tone and visual identity was rolled out across all LYSAGHT LIVING® owned assets. With its contemporary and fresh look, the brand’s new identity complements the lifestyle benefits of their products, exuding a calm and inviting quality.

Finally, a content marketing plan was actioned to bring the lifestyle positioning to life and nurture LYSAGHT LIVING® ‘s relationship with their customers.

Market Research
Brand Development
Content Marketing


The new brand has been well received in the market and continues to build.

At every stage of the project, it was crucial to remind customers of LYSAGHT LIVING®’s strong brand foundation and history. Reaffirming this quality has fuelled LYSAGHT LIVING®’s growing credibility and brand recognition in the market.

The brand’s lifestyle focused approach has also led to several new business opportunities including partnerships with Aaron and Daniella, winners of House Rules (Seven Network).