“Media consumption and our association of cost varies greatly between metro and regional — it’s a massive divide. This can absolutely tarnish the recommendations that metro agencies make.”


Relationships Matter

Leading national seniors lifestyle and care provider IRT may be one of the country’s industry leaders, but their success didn’t cost their regional values.

With Australia’s residential aged care industry in the process of deregulation, IRT marketing manager Erryn Schettino can rely on the proven, five-year success in media buying through Wollongong-based Waples Marketing Group—especially during an intensive period of customer mapping and data research.

“The media landscape is harder than ever, but I know for a fact [Waples] will manage our invoices and ensure we’re delivered what we’ve paid for, without wastage. That’s important, given my personal background in media buying,” she says.

But its Waples’ experience and understanding of each highly- individual regional media market that sets it apart for Schettino.


“We would not get a better result going to a metro agency for media buying,” Schettino says.“And I know the value of local relationships—and I know it’s only the locals that can leverage them.”