While smoking among Aboriginal people is on the decline, it remains disproportionate to non-Aboriginal people nationally. To address the situation, Grand Pacific Health launched Butt Out Boondah—a smoking cessation awareness health promotion targeted to Aboriginal people in early 2017. Focused in the Southern Tablelands and Snowy Mountains regional centres of Cooma, Goulburn, Queanbeyan and Yass where the trend is evident, the campaign aims to tackle the normalisation, cultural and historical context of smoking and its impact as a chronic disease among the Aboriginal community.


The campaign aims to raise awareness of Butt Out Boondah among Aboriginal people in the target area, by utilising traditional and non-traditional media. In addition, the campaign’s goals are to:

  • Create an environment in which audiences relate to characters in the creative. This is achieved by sharing real stories in selected creative touchpoints.
  • Prompt the target market to understand and consider the benefits of smoking cessation individually and to the wider community.
  • Drive widespread behavioural change around smoking.


The first stage is an integrated campaign—comprising strategic media buy and creative, using ambassadors to drive the program. Additional aspects of the campaign approach include:

  • Mass market awareness campaign activity—where media buy is tailored around programming, in order to reach the target audience and influencers.
  • Regional TVC buy by market in Cooma, Queanbeyan, Goulburn and Yass.
  • Outdoor creative to drive awareness in each location by targeting billboards in high traffic areas.
  • Targeted media buying where we establish our target audience (smokers and their partners) and serve ads directly to them: Static Social Prospecting, Social Video, Programmatic Pre-Roll.


Overall, indigenous smoking rates across the country saw a 2% decrease over a 12 month period, building a case for Grand Pacific Health to continue the Butt Out Boondah program. The campaign itself performance well against industry benchmarks , with social video averaging a CTR of 13.32%. Programatic audio delivered an outstanding return, with a CPC of only seven cents and a completion rate of 97.96%.