A familiar face in the Illawarra, Waples Co-Founder and Executive Director Vicki Tiegs celebrates more than 25 years in media and 40 years of philanthropic activity. The former Queenslander was honoured as the City of Wollongong Australia Day Citizen of the Year in 2018, after making the move to ‘The Gong’ in 1997.

In 2003, Vicki co-founded Waples Marketing Group with Managing Director Graeme Gulloch. In the 16 years to follow, the full-service agency has worked with a diverse mix of clients at national, state and regional level across many industries, delivering quality marketing and communications services, media and event management under one roof.

As another successful year comes to a close, Vicki takes a moment to reflect on the festive season and enjoy some good old-fashioned nostalgia.


From food to feel-good films, how do you celebrate Christmas?

Each year I do roast veggies for the 20 plus family we have on Christmas Day. I do them on Christmas Eve as I watch Carols by Candlelight – yes, there is a TV in the kitchen! The family says the veggies are the best. I have a secret ingredient which my grandmother passed on through the generations. Each year they all try to guess what it is, but no one has worked it out yet [we’ll do our best to coax the answer from Vicki by this time next year – E.d.]. Of course, always a glass of Champagne for Xmas Day. My feel-good Christmas movie is Love Actually.

Professional highlight of 2019?

There’s been quite a few, but primarily it has been the clients enjoying success because of the work we do.

In a rapidly changing industry, how can marketing agencies continue to deliver?

It’s simple.

In an industry that can suffer from too much unsubstantiated chatter, agencies need to just keep their focus on outcomes and adapt to ensure clients meet their objectives.

Thinking back to co-founding Waples 16 years ago, what’s your take on the agency today?

Graeme and I always wanted a business that served the needs of regional businesses or those wanting to market into regional Australia with a team that is of the highest skill and experience available to us. Today we have a great team with outstanding experience and skills who understand our philosophy and work hard to achieve outcomes for our clients every day!