Our Digital Services Account Manager, Emma Sackley, is your go-to girl for all things digital marketing. Hear what she has to say about the myth that you can’t build meaningful relationships with your audience online.

The previous job I’d most likely tell you about…

“Before joining Waples, I worked for a start-up company at iAccelerate – Wollongong’s business accelerator. I quickly realised the start-up world is like no other – fast-paced, dynamic, challenging, and fulled by ‘fail fast, learn quick’. This role pushed me out of my comfort zone, and significantly helped with my ability to adapt to challenges, I learned how to think innovativley, and how to pack a big punch with only a small budget!”

Explain your job to a child…

“I get to be on Facebook and Instagram all day long, putting fun content in peoples newsfeeds!”

My most rewarding project…

“At Waples, we’re fortunate to work with a diverse client-base representing different target audiences with unique pain points. I get to work on projects for clients who offer truly genuine, rewarding solutions in their own right – ranging from cremation services for those who have lost their furry best friends to support services for children living with psychological disorders.”

Any industry myths to clear up?

“That 1-to-1 marketing on digital is impossible. This myth is especially rife in Social Media Marketing, where many businesses assume they can put out an ad to a cold audience (albeit in their target demographic) without giving any value first.

Here’s a simply analogy I heard for this once: Imagine approaching someone on the street, briefly introducing yourself then immediately asking them for a favour. What are the chances they’d comply? Probably quite low.

Any Digital Marketing strategy should always start with an in-depth knowledge of your customer and their pain points. This allows you to develop content (i.e. an article, tip sheet or guide) that’s free and personalised to each user. This offers value right away – and it’s a great way to build trust and credibility upfront.

Establishing meaningful relationships with your audience actually makes the process of lead-generation a whole lot easier!”

Great agency/client relationships are…

“Based on honesty, mutual respect, and always making an effort to go above-and-beyond.”


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