When she’s not overseeing a brand strategy or explaining the intricacies of Commercials Advice (CAD) classifications, Emily O’Keefe leads our marketing services team as Manager, Marketing Services.


Why did you become part of Waples?

“It all fell into place. I decided to move back to the Illawarra after living away for six years and a job came up for a local marketing agency. As soon as I met the team, I knew it was the right fit.”


Explain your job to a child…

“I would go in straight to the fun stuff – I get to make TV ads!”


The standout project…

“A few years back I worked on a TV campaign for an aged care client and we were filming the ads in a documentary style. One of the ladies was sharing her memories growing up around the Illawarra and it turned out one of the people in her story was my great-grandmother.”


The previous job I’d likely tell you about…

“I worked in the creative department for a below the line (BTL) agency in London for two years and we managed the Western European and North African account for Diageo. The scale of the projects we worked on were mind blowing, it came with some great perks too as Smirnoff and Captain Morgan sponsored a lot of the European Music Festivals.”


Any industry myths to clear up?

“The one that traditional media is dead. While the market has become extremely fragmented, I don’t think you can pit digital against traditional. They both play valuable roles in delivering campaign messaging, you should focus more on what your objectives are and who you are talking to before making your decision.”


Great agency/client relationships are…

“…approached as though you are an extension of each other’s team. I have worked both client and agency side, so I have seen it from both angles. If you work collaboratively together you tend to get the best out of each other.”


Email Emily O’Keefe today or call Waples on 02-4221 1300.