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Waples’ Content Marketing ManagerChris Urankar, has a way with words and an eye for detail. Check out his top tips for building meaningful relationships with your audience through valuable content and a targeted approach…


The previous job I’d most likely tell you about…

“It depends on the crowd. To build some rapport, I’d throw back to my many early years as a shift manager at Video Ezy. I mean, who can resist sharing memories of renting New Releases on VHS. Or, that scandalous late fee story that became a soap opera in the early 00’s.

But seriously, before joining Waples I held the role of Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor at InStyle Australia for five years. Working on an international brand with magazines in more than 20 countries, I covered a broad range of topics including interior design, food and wine, travel and entertainment. I was given opportunities to travel the world and share stories of truly talented people, remarkable destinations and inspiring ideas. I constantly had to pinch myself.

At the time, publishing was undergoing many sweeping industry changes. Our small but spirited team had to evolve through all this chaos to meet editorial and reader expectations, without fail. Working in ‘Magland’ was never The Devil Wears Prada, but its lustre began to fade quickly. I’d been harbouring a goal to transition from journalism into marketing – and an opportunity arrived at the perfect time.”

Explain your job to a child…

“I’d say something like: ‘I get to play the narrator in every school play. How cool is that’? But in today’s world I might have to express this as an Instagram story, or behind a bizarre Snapchat filter to really engage our target audience!”

My most rewarding project…

“Is simply the role I get to play within the team here at Waples. I feel lucky to work in Wollongong, in a professional role that calls for the variety of skills I’ve developed so far. Whether my day involves research, interviews, writing, posting or scheduling (and more!), I’m always fuelled by the spark of our compact, creative and collaborative team. By keeping across the latest industry trends and findings, you’re also never far from a spirited discussion with a colleague or client, and I love that.

As content marketing evolves, I’ll always find it rewarding to work in an emerging field. Businesses are starting to see the real long-term ROI of content marketing. Making the professional leap into a dynamic and optimistic industry is refreshing, and I can now focus my creative and communication skills into powerful content marketing solutions for our clients.”

Any industry myths to clear up?

“Content marketing shouldn’t be viewed as a standalone way to meet short-term goals. Creating a cultural shift in your target audience simply doesn’t happen overnight. This also applies to other major benefits such as strengthening brand preference and recall within your customer.

Successful campaigns also take ongoing time and effort – they’re never “set-and-forget.” Creating a variety of content that piques the interest of your audience is only half the story. The real benefit of content marketing has to be seen as an ecosystem, which always includes:

  • Establishing a clear strategy and defined ROI (and the metrics to measure this success).
  • Integrating content marketing solutions across multiple client-owned media channels.
  • Ongoing amplification of content to improve engagement and gain insights.
  • Rinse & repeat…

Great agency/client relationships are…

“Powered by being great partners. Like any relationship, they can fail. But they can also bring out the best in both parties if based on communication, trust and mutual respect.”


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