Waples’ Media & Strategy Manager, Aidan O’Brien, has worked across some of Australia’s leading agencies throughout his career. Coming from a media and planning background, Aidan has assisted global clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Spotify and HSBC develop killer strategies to achieve their business goals.

Favourite way to spend Christmas/summer holidays in Wollongong?

Eating and drinking with friends and family.

What’s your most unique Christmas tradition, tipple or tragic feel good film?

Some friends and I celebrate ‘Nugmas’ every year where we eat chicken nuggets and drink red wine.

Please detail your agency/business highlight of 2019…

Working closely with Peoplecare to understand the current challenges they are facing as a business, their audience’s perception of their brand, and developing a strategy to continue building brand affinity in key markets as well as expanding into new and emerging markets.

While marketing is an industry defined by change – what is the timeless quality that will always fuel an agency’s ability to deliver.

Insight – agencies pride themselves on having insider knowledge about the constant changes within the media industry. This allows them to predict trends, introduce new and emerging platforms and make recommendations based on data and insight. 

How have the impacts of COVID-19 affected your role in the last few months?

It has definitely been challenging but it has opened up opportunities to help our clients in a range of different ways. Whether that be educating them on different ways to engage with their consumers even if their product isn’t available or guiding them through the dramatic shift in media consumption trends we have seen since COVID-19 began. I am a huge believer that the brands that have continued the conversation with their consumers throughout this hard time are the brands that will come out stronger on the other side.

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