How SEO Decides If Your Business Sinks or Swims Online

Have you heard about SEO? No? Or, maybe you’ve heard these three important letters and have either zoned out or excused yourself from the conversation. Don’t worry! You’re certainly not alone.

In this quick intro guide, let us introduce you to SEO – an important tool for driving more traffic to your website. We promise you’ll make it to the end without dozing off!


Here’s the most simple explanation: Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the practice of writing content on your website that is relevant and helpful for your prospective customers, with the added bonus of ranking highly in search engines such as Google and Bing.

But SEO can also describe certain ways we tweak your existing content such as the words and images on your website (let’s refer to this as on-page or front-of-house) and specific technical elements of your website through your CMS (let’s call this back-of-house).

By adopting good SEO practices on both the front and back of your website, it can easily be indexed by Google and checked for relevancy to a particular topic. And so theoretically, when someone searches for your particular product or service, Google will place you higher up in the list of organic search results – which is still considered “money-can’t-buy.”

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Why is it SO important for your business?

What’s the first thing you do when you need something? Whether it’s a product, service, or a trivial fact to win an argument, the first thing your customers will probably do is Google it.

This means that when your customers are in the market for your product, you need to show up in the search results. Make no mistake: Google is becoming a massively integral part of the customer’s decision making process from researching which products to buy, at what price and through which means. While advertising is possible through paid search campaigns, it’s so important for your business to be on that list of organic search results that Google produces. This is incredibly valuable real estate online that still can’t be bought.

How to do it?

We recommend that you contact an SEO Agency, like Waples, to discuss how best to approach SEO on your website, however if you wish to tackle it yourself, here are some tips:

Be the Customer

  • Think about what the customer might be thinking when they are starting to search – what questions do they want answered? What phrases are they most likely to search? Think about the questions you get asked every day. This is your list of keywords that you should be implementing into everything from your headlines to landing page copy and blog posts.

Think Content

  • When you have a clear idea about what your customers are searching for – tailor your website content to cater to their needs. The more relevant your website is to their search, the higher you will rank.

Be Natural

  • There’s an industry term known as ‘keyword stuffing’ – that’s when you see a website that tries to put as many search terms in the website copy as it can.
  • Google checks how readable your site is for humans, and will penalise your site if you try to game the system.
  • The best way to get around this is to write genuine content that really engages and helps your readers.

Can we help your business benefit from SEO? Contact Waples today.