The Best Social Media Hacks

There are a range of great apps and software tools available that enable you to produce great content without compromising on quality. Here, we unpack some of the best apps and tools available to ensure you’re on track to become a social media maestro...


Take the hassle out of page management by planning and scheduling your content through a social media management tool. There is a range of entry level, free options such as Buffer and Later that have easy user interface and great add-on options in the paid versions. For example, Later allows you to plan your Instagram feed with its Visual Planner, ensuring your feed looks cohesive and well organised. You can also design and schedule Instagram stories directly from your desktop, saving you time and the hassle of using your phone.

Of the more comprehensive management platforms, Hootsuite, Sendible and Sprout Social provide all-in-one social media scheduling, monitoring and analytics. Hootsuite provides a free, entry-level option for one user and three social accounts but for the full perks it’s best to look at the paid options. In the long run you need to weigh the cost benefit of paying a small monthly fee against the time you save.


This is where the fun begins. Get creative with a go-to platform like Canva which allows you to easily create social graphics using drop and drag style, pre-built templates. You can access some templates for free or upgrade to the paid version to unlock more features. If you want to create your own memes try Word Swag, a mobile app that allows you to pair images with various typography styles. Create is another gem worth trying. It allows you to develop stylish designs and graphics – even Snapchat geo-filters. Best of all, Create is free!


Most social videos are now watched without sound, so if you have audio in your video you should consider adding subtitles. Luckily there are apps available that allow you to generate subtitles without the need for manually entering a script. For live video, apps like Clipomatic  add subtitles as you record. For pre-recorded video content, Caption This automatically generates subtitles for your videos.

To get creative with your Instagram and Facebook stories, why not add some animation? You can have some serious fun with your content by using apps such as MOJO and InStories.


You can shoot and edit images like a pro with image editing app MuseCam, which allows you to adjust tone, perspective and depth. Halide is another great image editing app that turns your smart phone into a professional camera. Alternatively, you can turn back time and add a bit vintage flair to your images with Meitu.