3 Digital Marketing Trends Taking Over 2020

It's no secret that marketing is an industry powered by constant change. But if you compare the marketing landscape of today to that of even five years ago, the differences in methodology and most effective channels can be astonishing.

The widespread adoption and rapid rate of technological innovation that we’re seeing in the marketing industry is nothing short of a digital dream. Today’s consumer is switched on, content rich and strategically marketed towards in order to meet very familiar business objectives like targeted lead nurturing or creating brand awareness. But the rules of playing the game have dramatically changed.

This new digital landscape is always thirsty for its latest disrupter, breakthrough or trend, along with the odd buzzword that’s anywhere from clever to cringeworthy (check a list of overused buzzwords from 2013 by Mashable, that have lingered around)!

The lightening pace of of change will still undoubtedly be a factor to consider in 2020, so we’ve put together a quick summary of the most interesting predictions. It’s important to note these trends are not a definitive forecast and trends are often debated (or conveniently forgotten)! Get in touch with your Account Manager to discuss if one of these emerging trends is complementary to your business objectives and target audience.


Yes, you heard right: reaching your customers via text message is the way to go next year. According to SEO expert Neil Patel, the main reasons to revisit SMS marketing in 2020 lie in the fact text messages have an extremely high open rate and the best engagement rate of all marketing mediums.

  • Bypassing a customer’s inbox with a text message will likely yield a better or more immediate outcome. Campaigns can also be tracked and optimised in amazing detail, thanks to a huge choice of data-rich analytics platforms.
  • Before launching a timed voucher or loyalty-based SMS campaign, remember that you’ll always need a customer’s written opt-in first.


The AI bot world of 2020 is set to be a brave new frontier. Typically found on a business’ landing page, a chatbot is a computer program that can interact with human visitors to the site, answering their questions and redirecting their queries all-day, everyday!

– We can’t deny there’s an initial creep factor when conversing with a chatbot. According to a report by Mindshare UK, 60% of people agree ‘it would feel patronising if a chatbot started by asking how my day is going’ – add us to this statistic! But once a universal lingua franca of chatbots is established and more conversations happen, the rewards will be game-changing.

– Guaranteed to smash previous customer service targets, your chatbot is built from the ground up to provide a more consistent, efficient and cost-effective standard of customer service. In terms of productivity and operations, the absence of annual leave, benefits and bathrooms makes bots the ultimate boost to the bottom line in 2020.


As a full-service agency based in Wollongong NSW, we’re proud to offer expertise and experience in both regional and metro markets in Australia. A common reason why many businesses engage us is to meet an urgent business objective within their own local market.

Success on your home turf can be decided on factors like creating brand awareness, building and nurturing the right customer base, establishing a profile in the local business network and making connections with local media to improve your presence and reputation.

But according to Forbes, technology is empowering local businesses with powerful tools to tackle some high-level digital marketing activity themselves. Be it custom audience retargeting through Facebook or Google or the ability to retarget anyone who visits your website, 2020 will see even more industry-level functionality placed directly in the hands of local business owners.

  • Local Influencer Marketing is the trend we’re excited about in a crowded, self-proclaimed influencer market. Serving a gap in the market, local influencers have a clear purpose. Similar to micro influencers, the local variety typically has around 2,000-5,000 engaged followers on social media. But the key distinction is the fact they genuinely live, work, and play in a specific area. Forbes sees great potential for local influencer marketing, especially in categories like beauty services and dog grooming. But as always, it’s crucial to research the right influencer for your brand and if signed, maintain an accountable and professional business relationship.
  • Although it’s not mentioned by Forbes, we think local influencers eliminate our biggest bugbear when collaborating with mega, macro or even micro influencers. Instead of the mega influencer’s portrait of sublime yet unattainable perfection, your trusted local influencer has built their smaller but spirited following based on a shared sense of place, community, and familiarity. This group is highly desirable for local businesses. Local influencers may also sell a stylised narrative but unlike a Kardashian mansion, at least this image is closer to home and appears somewhat attainable – which is only good news for the local marketplace.