4 Reasons Why Creating A Brand Is So Important

For a company, a brand is more than just a logo. It's everything. From the tangible elements your customers see to the way it makes them feel, here's why companies need to invest in developing a strong brand now more than ever...

Creating a brand goes far beyond a well-designed logo.

For a company, it’s all-encompassing. From the tangible elements your customers see to the way it makes them feel, it goes to the core of your organisation and what you stand for. Increasingly, companies need to invest in developing a strong brand marketing strategy.

Be Easily Recognised

Developing a deep level of brand awareness leads to customer recognition and the ability of your target market to identify who you are and what you stand for. This can be through your logo, whether it’s a word like Coca-Cola or an icon like the Nike tick or the McDonald’s golden arches. Some brands are defined by a tagline.

The Fresh Food People’ USP is instantly identifiable with Woolworths. How does this lead to customers converting? A customer will likely choose a brand they know over something unfamiliar.

Establish Trust, Build Loyalty, Have Credibility

Humans are emotional beings. Build an emotional connection to your brand and trust and credibility are established. While most brands focus on functional benefits, it’s the emotional and social benefits that shape strong brands. Customers are attracted to brands that share their values so convey this when building the emotional connection. Building on brand recognition leads to greater customer loyalty.

Inspire Your Employees

Employees are your biggest asset. They are essential in creating your brand and, in service-based industries, can be the sole customer influence. It’s important employees understand your brand’s mission and values because once aligned to your brand, their sense of pride will make them your greatest advocates.

Allows You To Grow

Loyal brand following means introducing new products is easier and cost effective. Customers are already engaged, likely to be interested in your new products and even anticipate their release.

The most successful companies around the world all have ONE common element – they’ve all succeeded in creating a brand that establishes themselves as leaders in their industries.


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