3 Tips for Boosting Your Content With An Expert Interview

A certain scenario in content strategy goes like this: You've published the perfect piece of content designed to inspire your audience, but rather than engage your readers, it has failed to fire with your followers. What's missing? Read further to find out.

A certain scenario in content strategy goes like this: You’ve published the perfect piece of content designed to inspire your audience, while portraying your brand in its best light. But rather than engage your reader and create that loyalty and trust through content marketing that is so desired, it has failed to fire with your followers.

What’s missing? It could be the right authority figure to speak out on your particular topic and lend their expertise. This is a sure-fire way to provide the weight your content needs to stand apart from countless articles already out there.

  • Choosing the right expert: Convincing an interviewee to reveal their valuable insights for your article is only half the battle. Long before it gets to this stage, it’s necessary to select the right expert authority (EA) in your field. The traditional approach is to seek out academia and peak industry leaders as the ideal interviewee. It’s still perfectly fine to take this approach, but ignoring the rise of the social media influencer could mean you lose a chance to amplify your message through their massive followings. So, how are the two different? In the context of the film industry, an EA might be an award-winning film director, where an influencer could be someone who is famous for posting their witty film reviews on YouTube. The ideal solution is to find someone who is both an EA and an influencer. This is a dynamic way to reach a much larger audience while still retaining your brand’s credibility and integrity.
  • Quality not quantity: Just because an influencer commands the most number of followers in their particular field, it doesn’t mean they’re naturally the best fit. What’s far more valuable is the quality and diversity those followers can represent. For example, fashion blogger Margaret Zhang, who started Shine By Three as a side project while she studied at university, can now count more then 1.5 million fans on social media her own. It’s an impressive feat, and although Zhang isn’t at the top of the fashion influencer charts in terms of numbers, she has forged relationships with fashion power-players like Kanye West and designer Dion Lee, and parlayed into collaborations with brands such as Clinique, Uniqlo and Swarovski. This is a clear indication of her strong reputation within the fashion industry and her credentials as a true tastemaker.




  • Never settle on mediocre: Don’t rely on the first influential person you come across who appears reliable and helpful. Unfortunately, despite how eager and friendly your source appears to be, it’s a waste of time for both parties if the opinions they share don’t have at least the potential to be seen by a large audience. Use websites such as BuzzSumo and SourceBottle to find the right interviewee. You could be on your way to finally giving your content that edge it deserves.


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