Compelling content to elevate your brand online. 

More than just a buzzword, content marketing should form part of your overall digital marketing plan. Algorithms across social and search are constantly changing but with each change one thing remains, compelling content gets results.

Content marketing is a way to pitch your product, without approaching it in the traditional direct selling style approach. Instead through a carefully devised content plan you can create relevant and useful content to your prospective customers that helps solve an issue or to meet a need.

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Content Strategy/Plans

Central to our beliefs are that any tactical activity relates back to well thought out strategy or plan. First we begin by defining your brand’s objectives, then we understand who you want to target by developing audience personas, followed by an audit on your existing content. From here we evaluate the problem or need we are meeting, define the content format and determine what channels to distribute it. Then the fun begins as the team develop a range of content pillars and ideas to best meet the needs of your customer.

Content Production

Depending on your content strategy Waples can assist with developing all forms of content. Drive traffic to your website and improve its search performance through article or blog content. Build thought leadership and capture leads through gated content like white papers or infographics.  Educate and inform customers through compelling video content. Grow your social media following by supporting posts with engaging content. Inspire your customers and let them know about the great work you are doing through case studies.