6 Reasons Why You Should Engage A Marketing Agency

It goes without saying the last decade has seen countless changes on the marketing landscape. To ensure success, many businesses - both large and small - choose to work with a Marketing Agency. Read more to find out why.

It goes without saying the last decade has seen countless changes on the marketing landscape. What’s proven is businesses that thrive stay ahead of trends and the “next-big-things”. They’re also laser-focused when deploying budgets and resources.

Clarity and fundamentals are key – knowing your target customer, having a clear strategy and being able to ensure your investment is delivering the best possible results.

To ensure success, many businesses – both large and small – choose to work with a Marketing Agency. Here are six reasons why:


#1 – Agencies Save Time

The proliferation of opportunities to speak with consumers has placed medium selection and content distribution at the top of the strategic ladder. Businesses can choose to use a number of mediums including TV, radio, print, out-of-home or outdoor advertising, cinema, transit or multiple digital platforms. For each of those mediums, you’ll deal with a separate account manager and it’s more than likely you’ll deal with multiple account managers for each medium. Think about it, that’s a lot of emails, phone calls and meetings. A Marketing Agency works as a buffer between businesses and media suppliers. It funnels the key information through to you without the fluff.


#2 – Agencies Extend The Resources Available To You

When you work with a Marketing Agency, your access to skills dramatically increases. Need a social tile designed? Need publicity for your next product launch? Need a competitive analysis for your business sector? Do you need a TV commercial CAD approved, and do you even know what CAD approval is? Your Marketing Agency offers answers and a solution for all of these questions, saving you time with a pool of specialised resources at your disposal.


#3 – Agencies Have Proven Experience

The experience of every single agency member becomes a direct benefit to your business. The markings of a good agency include their execution of multiple marketing strategies and campaigns, creative developments, event productions, press releases and media materials – the list goes on! Most importantly, they know the highs and lows of your industry – what works and what doesn’t – and ensures you’ll get the full benefit of their experience.


#4 – Agencies Offer You An Unbiased Strategy

What’s the most effective medium? Whether they work for radio, TV, digital or print, a rep will ultimately sell you the medium they work in. After all, they don’t get paid for pushing you to a competing medium, even if it will meet your objectives more effectively. The key difference with a Marketing Agency is in the fact they don’t represent a particular medium. Instead, they will consider your objectives, audience and plan accordingly – which means determining which mediums and mix make the most sense for reaching your target clients without any impact to their own remuneration.


#5 – Agencies Save You Money

Working with a Marketing Agency can give you access to professionals such as Marketing Strategists, Graphic Designers, Creative Directors, Event Managers, Publicists, Media Planner/Buyers, Digital Marketers, Content Producers and more only for the time it takes to deliver the service. Employing these resources internally requires a huge financial outlay.

Marketing Agency professionals have accumulated many years of experience and have the ability to negotiate pricing with their wide base of suppliers. By leveraging their total spend across all clients, your agency brings far more clout to the negotiation table – and can ultimately land you a competitive deal


#6 – Agencies Give You The Outside Perspective

It’s inevitable. Working day-in-day-out within your business and industry affects your perspective. A Marketing Agency looks in from the outside without pre-conceived notions or attitudes. Free from existing bias and emotional attachments, they will ask questions, develop a strategy and execute it from an important, neutral perspective. In many cases, Marketing Agencies will have clients within your industry and will be able to leverage their learnings on the strategies, campaigns and recommendations for your business.


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